What is an OPRG?

Main purposes of Tower Hamlets OPRG

  • To enable older people (aged 50+) to come together on a regular basis in order to discuss matters that are of mutual interest particularly around the provision of health and social services in the borough.
  • To then share their views and suggestions around improving services provided by the borough and the NHS with decision makers from the council and local health service providers.
  • To widen participation of older people in the OPRG through digital technology (Tablets or Computers)
  • To facilitate an older (50+) LGBTQI Social Network, to meet at least monthly, to combat isolation and ensure that views and opinions of LGBT older people in the borough contribute towards the overall aims of the OPRG.

Consultation, engagement and leadership

The Tower Hamlets Older People’s Reference Group is a forum of older people which meets regularly and is open to anyone over 50 who lives or works in Tower Hamlets. It aims to promote the consultation of older people and their engagement in the design and delivery of services intended for them from the NHS and the local authority and to give older people a voice in all matters that concern their life in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Managers and policy makers frequently speak to the Group, answer questions and listen to comments from members on how well their services are working. A delegation from the Group sits on the Tower Hamlets Older People’s Pathways Board, attended by managers from LB Tower Hamlets, senior NHS managers and representatives of other voluntary sector organisations.

The Group aims to be as inclusive as possible and to involve people who cannot often leave their homes, members of ethnic minority groups and older lesbians and gay men, ensuring that seldom heard voices influence discussions.

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