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Tablet Taster

Tablet Taster training


Digital tablet courses

Digital Tablet
Digital Tablet

We provide Tablet Taster courses for learners of all abilities.

There are three different courses in total.  Stage 1 and 2.



What we require from you

Once you have decided what stage is right for you all we ask is that you come to all 4 sessions by doing so you become a member of the Tower Hamlets OPRG – that’s it!

Once you are enrolled on a course you will be able to borrow a Tablet to practice at home if you wish.

Will I need the Internet at home if I borrow a Tablet?

No. All our Tablets have their own sim cards inside, just like a mobile phone so you will be able to be on the internet and practice no matter where you are!

Stage 1 Tablet Taster learners at the Sundial Centre in Bethnal Green


The Venue

We deliver our courses through Caxton Hall Resource Centre in Tower Hamlets

Address: Caxton Hall, Caxton Grove, London E3 2EE (next to the PDSA pet centre)

Day: Thursday

Time: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

To book your place or get more information contact Linessa Wicks

Phone: 020 8981 7124


What you learn

Stage 1 – If you have no or little computer experience, this stage is for you.  By the end of the 4 sessions, learners will have an understanding of :

  1. How a tablet works
  2. How to use the camera
  3. How to access the internet
  4. How to do a basic Google search
  5. Email
  6. How to use the OPRG website
  7. How to send photos through email
  8. How to  store photos

Stage 2 – If you have some computer experience and want to update your knowledge and skills.  By the end of the four sessions, learners will have an understanding of:

  1. What Apps are
  2. How to download and install apps
  3. Keeping safe and secure online
  4. Buying your own tablet and what you need to get online at home (only impartial advice will be given)
  5. The Tablet’s settings
  6. Removing unwanted Apps and data
  7. Making the OPRG website work for you
  8. Exploring websites and looking at how to get involved in council consultations
  9. Using Skype


Tablet Taster/ICT home support

If you find it difficult to leave your home to attend classes, we provide sessions based on your needs.  We aim to deliver 4 to 6 sessions and an initial home assessment/visit would be completed before sessions begin.



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