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9 thoughts on “Tablet Taster Feedback”

  1. I just lost a long comment I wrote which frustrates me terribly. I need to repeat the course or practice more.

    Thank you

  2. I have enjoyed this course and meeting my three companions as we struggle along the way! For me the course was not long enough to injest all the information. Our Tutor has been very patient

  3. I have just discoved all sorts of apps I can use to waste a lot of time and thoroughly enjoy myself. Thank you, Linessa.

  4. I am slowly getting the hang of using the Tablet, but have a long way to go to be efficien. Thankyou to Linnessa.

  5. Sending email on a tablet was an experience for me. I have not done any thing like this before. It makes me feel very knowledgeable .

  6. I did not know any thing about how to use a tablet this taster class has been alot of fun not as hard as i thought it would be. Looking forward for more class.

  7. Interesting course. The most useful component was the loan of the tablets for the course duration.
    It is possible to navigate the functions. I failed to store a questionnaire as a response and subsequently to find it on the tablet. Perhaps I neglected to save the response?
    A problem seems to be differences amongst the tablets which are supposedly identical.
    The web exploration element was probably too brief.

  8. What a lovely class everyone so helpful and friendly, Linessa is a wonderful teacher so kind helpful and so patient to novices, would have loved for it to be a longer session than 4 weeks but will go along to the 2nd stage course in the new year. Linessa is a credit to Age UK who are very lucky to have her.

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