Ageing Well in Tower Hamlets Strategy

A big thank you and well done to the OPRG members that attended the workshops and meetings with Tower Hamlets council to help form the Ageing Well in Tower Hamlets strategy.  We are happy to announce that the final copy of the Ageing Well strategy is now available. Click on the picture below and have a look.



Ageing Well In Tower Hamlets
Final copy of the Ageing Well in Tower Hamlets strategy OPRG members helped put together with Tower Hamlets council.

What is the Ageing Well strategy aim?

The aim is to enhance the health, wellbeing and quality of life of people growing older in Tower Hamlets – ensuring that Tower Hamlets is a borough where growing older is about retaining your independence and dignity with the assistance of family, friends and the community where necessary but knowing that the right care and support is there if that independence becomes
significantly reduced or your changing circumstances mean increased isolation and loneliness.

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