Internet Search Exercise

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This is where you enter your results from the Internet search exercises.  I look forward to your answers.  Good luck and enjoy.


Internet Search Exercise

  1. Find the following information on a King Charles spaniel
  • What country it comes from?
  • What is the average life span?
  • What colours do they come?


  1. Find the following information on Tennis
  • What male player won Wimbledon in 2005?
  • What female player won Wimbledon in 1986?

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13 thoughts on “Internet Search Exercise”

  1. Linessa,
    Your gentleness and mannerisms have won me over completely. The way the class has been structured has given more time for the brain to take it in, so I am forever grateful for the chance to learn something more.
    Thank you very much.

  2. The male player who won the Wimbledon in 2005, was Roger Federer.

    The woman player who won in Wimbledon in 1986 was Martina Navratilova, championship singles.

  3. King Charles Spaniels

    What country do they come from? The United kingdom
    Life span 9 to 14 years

    Colours black and tan tricolor,blending, ruby

  4. King Charles Spaniel are from The United Kingdom.
    It’s life span is 9 to 14 years.
    The colours it comes in are; black & tan, tri – color, blended, ruby.

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